After further discussion today with the Delaware County Health Department Nassau Swim Club was asked to revise the statement sent to members on 8/26/20.  


We have had a great pool season and we appreciate your efforts in helping us to keep the pool safe and clean as we navigate through the current covid-19 pandemic.
Unfortunately one of our employees has tested positive for Covid-19.  Upon being notified that this employee was exhibiting symptoms, our established protocol was implemented.  Because this individual is a current employee and has been in close contact with other Nassau employees during working hours, all guards that were compromised must quarantine for 14 days and have been asked to get covid-19 testing.  Nassau Swim Club will remain closed until all guards have met the 14 day quarantine requirement.  Please watch for updates on our website and our Facebook page regarding the reopening of our facility.  If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us at


Thank you again for your patience and your understanding during this time of uncertainty.  Please keep our staff and their health in your thoughts.  The safety of our employees and our members are of top priority.  We are working directly with the Delaware County Board of Health to insure all guidelines are being followed.
Nassau Swim Club Board of Directors
✨Special Announcement✨
The Nassau Board Members will host the annual Community Board Meeting that is open to all members on Sunday, September 27th @ 6pm.
Please meet at the picnic table area for the meeting. We would love to have lots of members show up- please bring your own lawn chairs for social distancing!





Nassau Swim Club is a privately owned facility located in Yorktown, IN on County Road 500 West directly next to the Elks Country Club. 


We have been proudly serving the residents of our community families for 50 years.  We offer a family friendly environment for those hot summer days where you can rest, relax and spend time with friends and family alongside the pool.


We are currently accepting new memberships! Please contact us today to inquire about our MEMBERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES.




Covid 19 OperationalGuidelines- Nassau Swim Club          


These guidelines supersede any previous rules and regulations posted or provided in past years. They will be revisited during the various phases of the Governor Holcomb’s reopening plan.  Pool will operate at 50% capacity until the next phase of Governor Holcomb’s plan is reached. The 50% capacity for Nassau Swim Club is 261 people. If the pool has reached this limit, you will not be allowed entry until there is sufficient space.


Due to the limited capacity, all forms of guest admissions will be restricted until further notice. Only active paid members will be allowed.


DO NOT enter this facility if you have a cough, fever, or any other symptom of illness.


The age of entry for unsupervised children is increased to 12 years old until further notice. Anyone under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult, babysitter, or older sibling.


When you enter or exit the pool, use one of the gates on the west side. DO NOT use the restrooms for anything other than to actually use the facility. It is not to be used as a pass through or for play.


Maintain at least six (6) feet between you and any other people who are not part of your immediate household, both on the deck, and in the pool as is reasonably possible.


The Indiana Department of health has requested that all members wear a face mask when interacting with others outside of your immediate household, when you are entering the grounds, or on the pool deck.       NEVER wear a face mask when in the pool itself.


Please spray your chair with disinfectant when you place it on the deck. Please spray it again when you are leaving. (Spray bottles with disinfectant will be placed in strategic places on the deck.)


Please use sanitizer on your hands prior to entering the pool and upon leaving the pool to help keep the railings on the steps germ free. (Hand sanitizer will be placed in strategic places on the deck.)


You are responsible for any toys that are brought into the facility to see that they are used only by your children and have been sanitized prior to entry. Please take all toys home with you when you leave the pool.


The diving board and slide are not open and will not be until at least July 4th. The diving well is open for swimming. The game of pom pom may be played in the diving area, as long as the life guard on duty gives permission.


The playground area is closed until at least July 4th.


Nassau Swim Club has put into effect all of the guidelines provided by the Indiana and Delaware County Board of Health Departments, and it is our objective that all members have a healthy, safe, and fun summer at the pool. Please be aware that while all guidelines are being followed, we cannot guarantee that everyone is safe from the Covid 19 virus, or any other illness. We must rely on the members of the pool to watch out for the safety of all by following the guidelines.


50% Capacity Bather

Load is 261 Members







Physical Address:

Nassau Swim Club

1001 N CR 500 W

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Mailing Address:

Nassau Swim Club 

PO Box 6

Yorktown, IN  47396


Office Telephone - (765) 759-7021

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