Hours of Operation


Minimum temperature for opening is 69 Degrees (If pool does not open, check again at 4pm)


Opening Day is Saturday, May 25, 2020 (Memorial Day Weekend)


Closing Day is Monday, September 2, 2020 (Labor Day)


MAY - JUNE: Monday thru Friday 12pm-9pm - Saturday & Sunday 11pm-9pm


JULY: Monday thru Friday 11am-9pm - Saturday & Sunday 11am-9pm


AUGUST - SEPTEMBER: Monday thru Sunday - 12pm-8pm


*Guests attending with members: $5 per guest (Limit 5 visits)

Nassau Swim Club Rules

Please be cognizant that Nassau is a private - not a public - pool.

Safety must always be a primary issue!

1. During regular swim time any child going off the diving board must be able to swim the width of the pool. At any time the guards or managers may ask to see the child’s ability.


2. During regular swim time no child will be allowed to go off the diving board wearing flotation devices of any sort. Note: Both of these will be waived if a parent is in the pool to work with their child and has prior approval from the guards/managers.


3. There will be no free swim in the diving well for children at any time.


4. During ‘adult swim time only’ babies and toddlers may be in the main pool if held by parents. All other children are to be away from both the main pool and the baby pool. No dangling legs at the edge of the pool!


5. Absolutely NO FOOD, GLASS, OR SMOKING in the pool area. Violators will be asked to leave!


6. Basketball will be allowed during adult swim as long as play does not interfere with lap swimming, parents with babies, etc. If rough play ensues, the management will use their best judgment for removal of the ball.


7. Absolutely NO SQUIRTGUNS allowed!


8. Only nerf or sponge type balls can be used in the pool.


9. Absolutely NO RUNNING on deck! This is a big problem – parents please help us out with this!!


10. If you have been in the sand area, you must shower off before entering the pool area.


11. The Baby Pool is reserved for children under 6 years old. This restriction helps younger children build confidence in the water and provides a safe space for those still learning. Please help us ensure that older children do not enter the baby pool area at any time unless permission has been granted by pool manager/head lifeguard.